American Lit 2015-2015:  Daily Classwork and Homework

This course will teach students the necessary academic and executive functioning skills/tools/strategies in order to be independently successful in all classes.

Welcome to the OASIS

This stands for Online Advanced Student Immersive Simulation.

OASIS is a multi-player educational simulation taking place in a blended classroom/online format. Students will join a guild (learning team) and complete various challenges including camping (independent reading), training (classroom practice and homework), and adventuring (exams, projects, and major writing assignments) to earn XP, also known as "experience points." Students will earn levels of achievement (course grades) based on XP totals in these three categories.

Strategies for supporting students in reading and analyzing complex texts:

Using current informational/explanatory texts we will demonstrate strategies for teaching students to find main ideas, synthesize ideas across text, take notes, and write essays, aligned to the Common Core State Standards.