Moodle for 6th grade math and science students in Mrs. Feiteira's class at Farb Middle School

The Integrated Mathematics II course extends the laws of exponents to rational exponents and explores distinctions between rational and irrational numbers. It explores complex numbers and learning when quadratic equations do not have real solutions. It considers quadratic functions, compares the key characteristics of quadratic functions to those of linear and exponential functions and identifies real solutions, and selects from these functions to model phenomena. It focuses on the structure of expressions, writing equivalent expressions, creating and solving equations, inequalities and systems. It builds on probability concepts previously learned, using the language of set theory to compute and interpret both theoretical and experimental probabilities. It applies experiences with transformations and proportional reasoning to build a formal understanding of congruence and similarity and applies similarity in right triangles to solve problems. It proves basic theorems about circles, chords, secants, tangents, and angle measure.

This course is offered to eleventh-grade students who have demonstrated superior achievement and motivation in mathematics. The course is designed to be a third year course in Algebra and a first course in Trigonometry. It includes a strong treatment of trigonometry, limits and algebraic functions. The concepts in this course are specific for the preparation for Calculus. These concepts meet the California State Standards for both Mathematical Analysis and Trigonometry. Students who successfully complete this course will be ready for the study of Calculus. Graphing calculators are used as an integral part of the course for modeling, developing concepts as well as doing complicated calculations. This is the only honors math course offered and is recognized by the UC system as an honors course. Therefore, final exams will be cumulative and no notes can be used on the final exams. This course does have weighted credited and we will be using district created final exams that cover all material covered since September.Specific standards can be found on the California State Dept. of Education web site at and then searching for standards for Math Analysis and Trigonometry.